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around town3Wow-wee.  Hello from Alaska!  The past however many days at home really did me in, so much so that I’m using this week to  recuperate!  And Simon too.  While we miss the family desperately already, its been nice to have Ethan as my company again.

After the bachelorette party, my mom and I dove head first into all things wedding.  And with that came some driving around town, house viewing, and one very serendipitous occurrence.  Did you know Cape Girardeau has a great historic estate?  Neither did I until I was digging though Google images one night before flying home and found this article about Elmwood Estate.  With my curiosity peaked, I made sure to add driving past its gates to my list of things to do once I was back home.  Funny enough, I’d seen these gates before, when I was scouting locations for wedding portraits– the estate is right beside the fancy golf club where we had our reception!  But of course set back more than a mile from the road.  Amazing the kind of hidden treasures my hometown has!

Downtown Cape is chocked full of gorgeous old buildings and details one might  tend to overlook.  This lion knocker is on a scruffy door beside one of my favorite antique shops, and I only just noticed it when my mom and I made a visit.

As for serendipity…good ole Kage School is getting a facelift!  Last seen here, I pass this quaint old school house all the time when I’m home.  It’s right by my neighborhood!  When I spotted a dumpster in passing at the beginning of my trip, I instantly became worried it was destined for demo.  But then I noticed a man tuck-pointing the chimney, which could only mean the owners still care.  A few days later, while my mom and I headed home from a day of errands, we saw the back door open.  After chasing the repair man around the school, we asked if we could take a peak inside (the windows have been boarded up all my life).  He said we could!  Apparently someone will soon be living my inner architecture student’s dream of restoring it and making it a place to live.  If you want, I’ll share the inside pics later this week.


    1. Thanks for all these links, Ken!

  1. Did you notice the initials scratched in the brick around back?

  2. Here’s what the inside of Kage School looked like just before it closed and last fall.

  3. I bet you were talking about Annie Laurie’s Antiques. Here are some things you may not have known about the store and its owner.

  4. […] feeling subsides soon ~ This cottage is dreamy and makes me wish I had been the one to renovate Kage School as I had once dreamed in college ~ I don’t catch as many TCM movies as I wish I could, but I […]

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