Monthly Archives: March 2014

Bachelorette Party Details

We used slate and marble boards to display hors d’oeuvres on the large island.  For takeaways, we ordered lavender from Washington (we would have gone local, but they were all sold out!) and filled cotton muslin bags that I’d stamped with this handmade state stamp.  We put a tiny stitch at the top to ensure no spillage in dresser drawers.  I love this small & large cake […]

Amanda’s Bachelorette Party

| bachelorette sash painted with Martha Stewart paint and stencil | A group of about twenty-five ladies attended our nontraditional bachelorette party Saturday, and I must admit, it was much more successful than I could have hoped for. While I love my hometown, I will say it’s biggest fault is the lack of stylish venues […]

Ferragamo Girl

I found the perfect shoes for the wedding, more-so convinced myself I was worth these Vara low heel pumps by Salvatore Ferragamo.  I wore them to the bachelorette party Saturday, and considering how much I was on my feet, I think they were a smart investment!  Not to mention the nude color (or New Bisque […]