One Nostalgic Summer


A lake-side community on the outskirts of my hometown always gets me dreaming of summer.  The houses sprawl across gently sloping lawns, with dreamy tennis courts and dazzling sun rooms bright with crisp white trim.  The lazy roads are perfect for cruising by bicycle, with polished bells on the handlebars.  Although the neighborhood is quiet– safely tucked beneath the trees and beside the green lake with row boats pulled onto the shore– it doesn’t deter pocketing keys and a keychain that’s made for summer.  Though not new, the homes hold a sort of grandeur in their dated façades.  It’s easy to imagine cool interiors, elaborate draperies, and rotary phones.  Fresh white sneakers are a must for the season, especially for jogging to a best friend’s house to brush up on some tennis.  Ludwig Bemelman could paint the summer-scape with blue-greens and pops of brilliant yellow, like the sly blinking of a lightning bug on the threshold of the shadowy woods at dusk.  A tortoise hair clip shouldn’t be far from reach as the summer barrels on, the heat of July both unbearable and irresistible.  I’m packing my bag for this daydream!  Aren’t you?


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