Simon Has the Coughs & Other News

simonMy poor baby has kennel cough, so we’ve been taking it easy our first week back in Alaska.  I am happy to report the sun has been out and glorious, though the ground has been disgustingly soggy and freezes over again each night.  Saw the first fly of the season, and I’m already dreading summer bugs!  Aside from tending to Simon, I’ve been reading and writing a ton.  Nothing like getting back into the swing of things after vacation!  Actually, it almost feels like my life up here is the vacation compared to how much I worked on bachelorette party and wedding details down in Missouri!  Don’t worry, I have it in my head to try to wrap up my book-in-progress before the end of April.  I’m not sure if that’s realistic or not, but the short-term goal is a nice motivator.

What do you have planned this weekend?  My sister keeps asking me the same thing, and really, I haven’t the slightest idea yet.




  1. Awww feel better soon Simon! Hope you have a great weekend. I’ll be busy working away at K.R.T!

    1. I hope you sell lots of stuff at your sale, Kristen! I can definitely see improvement in Simon since his coughing started last week.

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Glad he is feeling better!!!!!

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