The Tin Collector




tincollectorsbouquet4 This weekend included some of my favorite things, particularly Friday night when I was surprised by a special delivery by  Bloomsbury Blooms with this gorgeous anemone & ranunculus bouquet– the most beautiful thank-you I think I have ever received!  Other delights included a Cold Stone treat, Saving Mr. Banks on Blu-Ray, starting the last installment of the Harry Potter series, daydreams of Dutch colonials, and chicken fried rice at a local Asian fusion bistro (thanks for the recommendation, Madi!)  I awoke on Sunday to a post-rain Alaska, and the outdoors truly smelt like spring.  Soaking up as much sunshine as I can and hoping for warmer temps from now on!

What did your weekend look like?  Do you have the itch to get out and garden?

Or at least surround yourself with seasonal blooms?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Those are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

    1. Wish you could see them in person!

  2. What a stunning arrangement!

  3. Wow….seriously beautiful flowers!!

    1. I’m going to miss Dallas’ creations when I move back home, that’s for sure!

  4. […] my love of yellow.  I blame the gorgeous ranunculus in my bouquet…because ever since laying my eyes on the blooms I’ve been thinking about the prettiest […]

  5. oh I love that tin…I definitely save stuff like that. (but replace the flowers with really messy paint brushes…haha!)

    1. I’m definitely keeping this one, the turquoise is such a happy color!

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