I’ve Been…


Writing writing writing.  I logged 6,490 words this week, which may just be a record for me.  I know that I have been more dedicated to my story than ever before…such a good thing since I’m twenty days away from my personal deadline.  I suppose encouraging words from my family motivated me more than anything else!

Rediscovering my love of yellow.  I blame the gorgeous ranunculus in my bouquet…because ever since laying my eyes on the blooms I’ve been thinking about the prettiest and boldest shades of golden yellow.  I even changed up my Pinterest boards to reflect it. Thinking I need to re-watch Moonrise Kingdom for some other color inspiration.

Playing around in Photoshop…but all to no avail.  After accepting defeat with my redesign, I haven’t put my finger on the kind of blog style I ultimately want for CD.  I guess a degree in graphic design would help, but dang if I didn’t want to do it all by myself!

Following Instagram feeds.  I cannot get enough of these artistic glimpses into inspiring lives.  Some of my favorites are Dreamy Whites Lifestyle, Note to Sarah, Gadabout, Jane Lilly, and Sarah Kate Studios.  Cannot wait until I can join the throngs of smart phone owners and make some pretty Instagrams myself!

Dreaming of Dutch Colonials.  For about one day this week I thought it would be possible to build our dream home instead of buy one we’d have to do some renovations to.  The plot of land in question was deemed unsuitable by my father however, so now I have all these ideas bubbling out of me with nowhere solid to put them.  Interested to see my top two reasonably-sized Dutch Colonial plans?  I present the Dover and the Latham.  Yes these are antique house plans.  And yes, I love that about them.

Listening to Ray LaMontagne’s singles.  All three– Supernova, Airwaves, & Lavender– are my new favorite tunes to listen to on repeat.  Check them out this weekend!

Happily browsing Anthropologie…and eagerly awaiting our next pay check to pick up some spring-ready layers!

Missing Nell Hill’s.  The fabulous Kansas and Missouri based interior decorating store I discovered when my sister lived in KCMO is eating away at me– I must return!!  Last night I unearthed this home tour of owner Mary Carol Garrity’s Atchison home.  I hope it will hold me over for the next few months!

Anticipating the weekend.  Ethan has been wanting a new tattoo for the past year and he’s finally going through with it on Sunday.  Can’t say I’m overly excited, but I’m interested to see the inking process in person.

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Oh my you are full of energy!!!!!!!!

    1. You had better believe it!

  2. Caseylane · · Reply

    That house ….

  3. Caseylane · · Reply

    Annnnnd ray….he makes the day

    1. He sure does =)

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