ink2People– it happened!  Ethan got inked in a big big way…from his wrist to his shoulder to be exact.  He chose the mythology of the koi fish swimming up stream as inspiration, which symbolizes perseverance.  As the koi fish reaches the river’s start, it transforms into a dragon and flies away into freedom.  I had never seen a tattoo being done before (never stepped inside a parlor, in fact!), and I was so in awe of Ethan’s strength, especially when the needle entered the elbow region.  Just thinking of it makes me shiver!  All the line work is complete, and he hopes to have another session for shading and/or color.

The tattoo artist asked me when I was coming in for mine, and I laughed!  Ethan has enough tattoos for the two of us.

I’ll share the overall piece later this week.



  1. I opened this at work and about fell out of my chair…OMG! Please post pic of finished product 🙂

    1. Haha. I will for sure.

  2. would love to see how it turned out! that’s pretty gnarly to do that much sleeve work in one sitting!! nothing better than fresh ink I tell ya…

    1. His work is about to put a new stipulation on tattoos so he wanted to get it started as soon as possible. I don’t know how he did it! The artist either!!

  3. WOW–what a session! And I love that you flipped through Southern Living while he was in the chair!

    1. It’s my favorite magazine at the moment =)

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