Spring Style



FIRST LOOK: I saw this pin by Anthropologie and immediately thought, “Yessss.”  I have come to realize I don’t like shorts, though I love shorts weather.  I think I’ve always hated them, but tried again and again each spring and summer to find a pair that I could live in.  Now that Easter has passed, I can officially start thinking of a warmer-weather wardrobe.  I know I will be pulling inspiration from this blouse and skirt combo like crazy!

SECOND LOOK: Even during muggy Missouri summers, I sport jeans.  Partly because I don’t want to blind everyone with how pale I am.  I adore this classic look by Caroline of House of Harper.  She describes the look as airport style, but I know a nice white blouse and little loafers would translate as the perfect May uniform for me.  Especially for Alaska as it can still get chilly in the evenings, that cape is a must!

What looks are you inspired by this spring?

| photograph at Lucky Magazine | photograph by House of Harper |



  1. I’m loving these giant bags!! and I’m sure that little cape would be great for where you live…

    1. They definitely add something to the overall looks, don’t they? =)

  2. Caseylane · · Reply

    Want that weekender for reals

    1. Dooo it. It looks so buttery…

  3. Super cute! Classic and chic.

    1. Yay! I think so too.

  4. […] first is that white skirt I’ve been looking for, and the ultimate classic striped top to go with […]

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