The Spring Nightstand


nightstand2Subtle changes to my nightstand, my friends, but I figured I’d show you anyhow.  After acquiring all my wonderful Harry Potter hardbacks I realized the pact I made with myself about relying solely on digital book downloads while in Alaska had finally shriveled up completely.  What can I say?  Books make me happy.  And while I continue to wish I had even more to surround myself with, I knew I had little to no room left to store/display them all.  My solution?  Taking my coffee table books and piling them on top of my nightstand, while my others stayed tucked and stacked out of the way.  I love that I’m not tripping over anything as I climb in and out of bed now, and that Scrabble is still oh so accessible.

It felt really good to switch things around for the spring.  What aspects of your home have you changed up lately?



  1. Love your little dream catcher! I’ve been on hold as far as things around the house seeing as we have a big vacation coming up. As soon as we are back I have the backyard to tackle!

    1. The big vacation is totally worth it! You can even get some fun treasures abroad to decorate with =)

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