Wedding Week


| disinterested that I’d already packed for him, Simon fished out his chewy and squeaky toy from his carrier |

Good morning from the sky!  I can’t believe it’s wedding week already.  Ahh!  I want to jump up and down and freak out at the same time.  So much to do, four days to do it.  I’m flying today with my baby boy…did I tell you Ethan couldn’t take leave for Amanda’s wedding?  I’m pretty sad, I’m not going to lie.  Ever since we got married I looked forward to having him with me when my sister got married.  Silly Army…

Speaking of which, we have some big news.  Ethan has officially begun the process of being phased out of the military, due to medical reasons.  That asthma is a real b*tch.  It will be a fairly drawn out ordeal, but we will be moving back home in nine to twelve months!!!!!!!!!!  Somehow that sounds so much sweeter than 15.5 months.  Consider this official house hunting time.

This weekend we enjoyed our time together before I’m gone for eleven days.  After Simon’s appointment for his health certificate, I dropped him off and picked Ethan up for breakfast at Paris, a noon movie, and a quick trip to the art supply store for last minute wedding ribbons.  We even squeezed some Sunday Scrabble in between my packing and prepping.  And!  Ethan made me dinner– he’s the best pancake maker.

I have a feeling by the time I get back to AK it will be bursting at the seams with green and even more sunshine.  I hope, at least!  Most of the snow is melted by now, I would quite enjoy not seeing it again until November.  Missouri is all 70s goodness and I’m excited to break out the sandals later this week.

What does your week look like?


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Fun and busy times ahead!!!!!!

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