Picnic Season

picnicseasonMay officially kicks off picnic season in my opinion (only two days away!).

Here’s what I’m craving for an afternoon in the sun…

This gingham dress is all sorts of classic and so fun in pink and red!  I’d pair it with these white sneakers to keep it from feeling too precious.  This citronella candle means business measuring 12″ in diameter!  Not only is a cute matchbox is a must, a longer length match would help with the plethora of wicks!  SillyBuddy makes my favorite doggie bowties; this gingham leash in navy would be a dashing addition to Simon’s collection of accessories.  My sunglasses addiction continues, but these may take the cake for me.  Clubfox looks like a pair I could seriously love forever!  No picnic is complete without the perfect basket— check out the link to see the surprise goodies in this one.  Portable radios aren’t a thing of the past, but I love the retro design of the Roberts Revival.  And last but not least, a pillow is most necessary to nap on after park games and good eating.  The palm leaves on this one are just perfection.

What would your dream picnic look like?


  1. Love, love, LOVE this–such perfect picnic inspiration!

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