Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Spring Nightstand

Subtle changes to my nightstand, my friends, but I figured I’d show you anyhow.  After acquiring all my wonderful Harry Potter hardbacks I realized the pact I made with myself about relying solely on digital book downloads while in Alaska had finally shriveled up completely.  What can I say?  Books make me happy.  And while […]

House Requirements

I think about our future home a lot.  I don’t exaggerate when I say that I think of it in some way every hour of every day (not that I’ve actually kept track of that).  I’ve told you again and again how it is my one true dream to have our dream house, and as the […]

Spring Style

  FIRST LOOK: I saw this pin by Anthropologie and immediately thought, “Yessss.”  I have come to realize I don’t like shorts, though I love shorts weather.  I think I’ve always hated them, but tried again and again each spring and summer to find a pair that I could live in.  Now that Easter has […]