My Little Town




I’m back in Alaska, and boy does it feel strange.  I don’t know what happened the last twelve days I was home, but it sure feels foreign up here.  Nice, with all the green leaves and sweet early summer breezes, but foreign nevertheless.  I still feel like I’m recovering from the wedding, just like that feeling of getting used to short hair after a major chop…I keep expecting there is something left for me to do or plan, and then, oh yes… I remember.

My lazy week in my little town was filled with many pleasantries.  My mom and I took the pups on a picnic in the park, we drove down many shady neighborhoods in search of homes for sale by owner, and toured a couple one hundred year old homes in a neighboring town that were deliciously country…that had me dreaming of canning and pickling and jams.  Of course we squared away the last bits of the wedding, moved all the furniture we had used back to their vacant spots in my parents’ home, and finished off the party’s pastries coated in copious amounts of powdered sugar.  That part was quite indulgent to say the least, and I’m looking forward to eating cleaner and cleansing my diet for the summer.  Heaven knows my body needs it!

I haven’t had a harder time saying goodbye as I did on Friday when my parents dropped me off in STL.  I blame the wedding, where I couldn’t stop sniffling throughout the entire ceremony, but really, I think I’m getting much more hormonal/emotional as the years go by.  While I was thrilled that I could finally see Ethan again, it was so hard kissing and hugging my mom and dad goodbye and leaving them to drive back home without me.  My heart is split in two.  It will be a joyous day when I can enjoy Ethan, my parents, my sister and even my new brother-in-law in the same city again.  The six of us together is my happy place.

As far as my last days in CG go, I’ll keep it simple.  Dinner with family friends at the new Irish pub.  Enjoying downtown architecture from the sidewalk.  And May storms like you wouldn’t believe.  So very thankful we missed the tornados that passed through Perryville on Friday.  Someone was definitely looking out for my wonderful family.

What have you been up to lately?  Try any new restaurants or weather any sudden storms?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    It is always hard saying goodbye and watching you walk thru the sliding glass doors of the airport.

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