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thisandthat2Hello!  This week was pretty good, I must say.  Aside from relishing in some downtime, writing a little, and reading a lot, I managed to squeeze in a long lunch on Tuesday with my good friend here and even browse the racks of consignment shops in search of that polka dot dress I was telling you about yesterday.  We ate at Crush Wine Bistro and Cellar and sampled white wines with toasted goat cheese salads.  So delicious!

Thursday was also exciting, as I started my summer internship with Bloomsbury Blooms!  It will be such an amazing opportunity to work there in the coming months and learn from Dallas, Anchorage’s very own bohemian florist!  Yesterday I got acquainted with the shop and tried my hand at arranging.  Already it has me dreaming of wily centerpieces in unusual vessels.  Stop by my Facebook page later today for a photo of my sweet arrangement.

Happy Friday!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Happy Friday to you too!!!!

  2. caseylane · · Reply

    Such an exciting endeavor and glad to hear you are out and about!

    1. Yes it is quite nice to have a bit of social life again =)

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