Simple Elegance

simpleelegancegridSimple elegance is something to strive for in life.  I realized when I was home that I always pine for simplicity and elegance but haven’t really attained either yet.  Here’s to hoping I will in this lifetime…

This floral wallpaper feels authentic in a way that it could last in a house for years and years and still feel fresh.  It is sweet and warm at once, and I love that about it.  Bar soap is a necessity in our house, and the monogram on this one adds the right amount of style to the bathroom essential.  A French drying rack that is both practical and sculptural…I hope my future kitchen is large enough to display one of these!  A huarache shoe that mimics a pair in my mother’s closet, I cannot help but love them for that exact reason.  Summer is the season for the iconic white dress…this minimal option is true perfection.  I’ve always had a soft spot for horses.  Combine that with the fact that we had our mini-moon in Louisville, this running horse platter would be a meaningful edition to our small serveware collection.  Mallard bookends in brass are a much more classic option than any other animal in my option.  I have a set waiting for me at home, and I think they’ll add the right amount of coziness to my bookcases.  The refined lines of regency furniture make me want to fill my house with nothing else!  This sofa table is really too beautiful for words.  Not that the homes he photographed are simple, but Slim Aaron’s A Place in the Sun would be a lovely addition to a selective coffee table scape.

What two adjectives are you looking to layer into your life?




  1. caseylane · · Reply

    I just bought a pair of sandals just like that! Such a great classic look 🙂

    1. Sweet! Where from?

  2. caseylane · · Reply

    oh just the lovely TJ Maxx. nordies has a nice Vince Camuto pair that were more than double the cost…..

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