As Time Goes By

astimegoesbyThis week has been all about getting stuff done.  Sunday I wrote down a to-do list which spurred even more productivity as I started and finished projects.  It’s been good to tackle things I’d been putting off while wedding planning, but now that summer is here– evident by flowering trees and a multitude bumblebees– I feel extremely gratified to be making good use of my time.

But one thing, the absolute worst thing about living in Alaska, that won’t stop eating away at me is just that– the subject of time.  It seems to be slipping from my grasp.  I hate that I can’t be spending these fleeting days, weeks, and months with my loved ones back home.  Nine to twelve months, that’s my new mantra.  Summer will be gone before I know it, I have to remind myself.  Especially since I will be working every Thursday at the flower shop.  But I wish for a bit of home up here to hold me over.  I know that I was just in Missouri three weeks ago.  But any amount of time at home is never enough.

And being halfway to 30 isn’t helping.*

Anyways, just some thoughts for your Wednesday.


* What I mean is that I’m caught between 20 and 30.  Not that I’m fifteen.


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