60’s Trad

60stradMy mom and I suffer from the same bug– and when it bites, boy do we crave redecorating!  Since my parents haven’t bought furniture in years and years, they have agreed some updating needs to be done.  And of course they have asked me to help visualize it for them.  Though I’m not sure how much they will use from my inspiration, here are some ideas I have in mind.

My mom has a vintage suitcase collection.  Incorporating her stylish luggage in the new design scheme is a must.  This book is titled Living with Antiques, and pretty much sums up our ultimate goal!  If anyone wants to get this for me, I won’t object hehe.  Currently my childhood home has vertical blinds, which work great for the floor to ceiling windows.  But my mom is ready to graduate to fancy draperies, and what better inspiration for that than The Sound of Music (I sure hope you know what I’m referring to).  Ever since I saw vintage pear wallpaper in a movie, I like the idea of pears in the home.  To me, this door knocker is just too darling for words.  Cafeteria trays for home use…I approve.  Though my mom wants to stay away from huge permanent prints, I find this striped pillow interesting.  It says vintage modern to me, which sounds like a contradiction, but I assure you, it’s not.  No surprise here, Bailey McCarthy has me craving green rugs.  I like this option for its size…just in case my parents decide to install hardwood flooring after all.  My family is absolutely guilty of kicking off our shoes in every direction in our tiny foyer.  How freaking awesome would this cubby hole cabinet be for corralling those?  The biggest design dilemma from the very beginning has been resolving the issue of dining room chairs.  If I can persuade my dad, I think a pair of wingback chairs would be the perfect fit with the existing table.

Tell me– are you inspired to switch things up this summer?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So fun!!!!!!!!

    1. I hope we can really make it happen!

  2. […] If you remember, I am helping my mom and dad redesign their living room.  While the first mood board is still one of my favorites, we have been honing our vision for months as we go thrifting.  Blame it on our recent snow storm and resulting bouts of cabin fever, but we have really been hitting this subject hard in the last couple of days.  The sofa is currently at the upholstery shop, and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival so we can coordinate swatches we love for other aspects of the design. […]

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