Flower Party


flowerparty2Now that you have seen Amanda’s bouquet shot professionally, here are a couple behind the scenes shots of our flower party!  We had the bridesmaids come over the day before the wedding to make bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.  While some of us were a little nervous starting out, it proved to be a great way to relax and play.  We used red anemone, white ranunculus, peach parrot tulips, cream roses, and butter yellow lisianthus.

Interested in doing your own wedding flowers?  Here are some tips we found useful.

~ plan ahead of time.  My mom was on the phone with the florist more than any one else while planning the wedding.  Make sure to order extra blooms in case some stems break in transit.

~ pick your place carefully.  We originally had talked about using the dining room at my sister’s house, but switched to the basement as we hauled in the flowers.  And good thing!  The cool temperature helped keep the flowers in their best form and the concrete floor kept us from worrying about clean up afterwards.

~ bring your nylons.  I knew there was some point to saving pantyhose with runs in them!  If you don’t want your roses to pop open overnight, gently wrap the bud with a band of nylon.  Our roses didn’t need them after all, but it would be best to keep them on hand.

~ utilize every flower part you can.  I’ve seen this with Dallas’ arrangements as well– if something you cut is too short for your bouquet, set it aside for the centerpiece, boutonniere, or even bud vases to scatter around your venue.  Maximize the stems you ordered for as little waste as possible.  And then, put leftover greens in your compost!

~ have plenty of sharpened tools.  You don’t want your maids fighting over the shears, now do you?

~ mist and refrigerate boutonnieres.  If you make your boutonnieres like we did, you probably don’t want to wait until the morning of to do it!  Store then lying down on a damp washcloth (we placed them in a simple glass cooking pan) and mist periodically until the event.  Make sure the washcloth stays wet throughout the night.


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Such a fun morning!!!!!!!!

    1. Glad we had mimosas on hand though 😉

  2. Looks like so much fun. Such pretty blooms!

  3. I’m sure this was so much fun to do! I also had never heard of that nylon trick w/ roses…how handy.

    1. It was definitely a great way for the girls to bond. So glad we did it =)

  4. Jayne · · Reply

    Great tips…thanks!!

    1. Thanks for reading, Jayne!

  5. Caseylane · · Reply

    What a great activity! So special:)

    1. It was really fun =)

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