The End of May


Hello!  No flowers to show you this week, I had the day off yesterday as it was tractor week on Dallas’ farm.  Here’s a little bit of what’s been occupying my time & mind.

~ Instantly fell in love with Blackberry Farm, as discovered through Hanna Seabrook’s Instagram.  Talk about gorgeous buildings!

~ Finally got around to rewatching The Romantics.  Everyone can agree there is seriously home style in this film, whether or not everyone can agree on the plot.  I for one love it…all of it.

~ Call me a dork, but I get pretty excited about cool postage stamps.  These circus ones are wonderful!

~ Made an important decision for my parents’ living room redesign.  The sofa has been settled on, and now we are dreaming of camel velvets to upholster it in.

~ Pink Moon is too good for gloomy weeks such as this one.  Once I figure out what to do about a record player, this will be one of the first vinyls I get.

~ Have my eye on a couple things from Everlane…p.s. the bomber jacket is finally here!  p.p.s. Ethan is so getting one.

~ Needing to stick my nose in this borrowed book before I run out of time to finish it.  I consider it homework from my flower internship.

~ On the hunt for some minimal/classic style inspiration.  Looking for the perfect polka dot is an endless journey.  Also, I have my eye on some stripes I hope have lasting power in my wardrobe.

~ Wish I could scoop up everything from this One Kings Lane sale!  Thank goodness they don’t ship to Alaska or I’d be broke.

 What did you do this week?  Have any fun weekend plans?

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