Monthly Archives: June 2014

I’ll Be Your June

The last day of June– how did that happen?  We had a mellow weekend, with some rainbows, late nights and the first fireweed of the season.  I’ve been making major headway on my needlepoint stocking since I started a week ago today, and I’ve even ventured into the branch work after creating most of the […]

Flower Friday

Yesterday, although rainy and dreary and chilly, was jammed packed with all sorts of flower goodness.  Sunflowers, bells of Ireland, and one stubborn peony graced the shop as Dallas and I prepped for upcoming weddings.  A photographer even stopped by for a feature on local businesses…yay, Bloomsbury Blooms!  Don’t forget to stop by my Facebook […]

Coffee Table Books

So we don’t have a coffee table still, and I’ve come to accept we won’t until we are buying for our forever home.  Until then however I can still dream of the books to stack on it, and these four are definitely worthy for that. What are your favorite coffee table books? | Portrait of […]