Summer Nights



The most luxurious thing about living in Alaska (to me) is sleeping with the windows open.  It is a luxury rarely afforded to me by my native Missouri.  So while we are here for however many more months, I’m determined to enjoy it…especially the coming summer nights…

Reading in bed is one of my favorite ways to round out my evenings.  I have begun thinking however, that I need to broaden my horizon to Jane Austen— an author I have amazingly never read.  Along with open windows, bringing the outdoors in is a must on cool nights– a honeysuckle candle seems like just the ticket.  These floral sheets remind me so much of my favorite set I left back home.  A bedside lamp with soft light is the perfect companion for those aformentioned late night reads.  I’ve been dreaming of a simple white nightgown for many summers now.  It would appear that Eileen West makes the loveliest vintage-style options.  This carafe would do wonders for my nightstand; I’m such a water drinker and often wake up completely parched!  If I ever wish to fall asleep before midnight in the summer here in Alaska, a sleep mask is a must.  The darling daisies on this Wildfox mask adds the right amount of whimsy.  Not only is the extra airflow nice, but an oscillating fan is a great way to drown out the sounds of summer nights that aren’t so pleasant.  I’ll take a vintage one, if you please.


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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Sounds so romantical !!!!!!!!!!

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