Goodnight, Sweet Kitty



goodnightsweetkitty3It is hard for my mama and I to see an animal abandoned, mistreated, or hurt without doing something about it.  Growing up, we’d nurse birds that had flown into our windows back to health and we always buried the dead animals we found in our yard.  With Simon, I feel like I saved him from life on the streets.  So when my mama was visiting my aunt and saw a family of Siamese cats running wild, she felt compelled to help them.  The only one she could catch was Nigel Kitty though; he was injured and just a kitten.

The vet told us right off the bat that he had feline leukemia, which is an unpredictable virus easily spread from cat to cat.  Not long after my family decided to love Nigel for as long as he was with us, my aunt told us his kitten sisters died (she had been keeping an eye on them).  It seemed as though the little family was cursed right from the start.  Because after months of training him, nursing him, and loving him, Nigel too passed on the week of Amanda’s wedding.

Losing pets is so difficult, no matter how it happens.  Nigel Kitty was really bad toward the end, and it’s better that he no longer has to suffer, however much our hearts are hurting.  He’s buried with our other boys, Bogie and Lucky Dog, in the garden at my parents’ house.  Goodnight, sweet Nigel Kitty.  We will miss your soft purrs so much.


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