A Little Lilac Goes A Long Way

lilacsBelieve it or not, the lilacs are starting to brown already.  No other year in my life has been as full of lilacs as this one, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the scent of these beauties wafting on my walks with Simon and perfuming our apartment when I have branches on display.  These white ones are especially nice and may have me convinced to plant a lilac shrub in our future yard.

This weekend was mostly lazy, with Ethan banking some hours of bro-time with my brother-in-law on the PS4 and me dreaming in color and wallpaper samples as I envisioned future decorating endeavors.  Sadly we missed out on celebrating Amanda’s 29th birthday, but I’m hoping that we will be home well before June next year so we won’t miss out again.  I sent her sunflowers from California Organic Flowers, a family flower farm located in Chico, CA.  Their online store is sort of awesome because unlike other flower websites, the seasonal blooms you receive aren’t shipped from South America!  I discovered them through one of the three flower books I’ve already read courtesy of Dallas, and you can bet I will be ordering solely from them from now on!  Read about them here.

This week I am hopefully going to crank out painting my needlepoint canvas for my Christmas stocking project.  This one will determine whether the whole thing is feasible or not.  I’m hoping it goes well!  After that I will head back to the craft store for threads…eeee!

Oh and one last thing.  Since reading the latest issue of Southern Living and this Bleubird post, I am making myself my first tomato sandwich.  I can’t imagine it will be anything but delicious!

Also I want to wish my aunt Tina a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Sending you love and hugs on this big milestone!!!

What do you have going on this week?  Starting any projects or trying a new recipe?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t wait to help you do some planting!!!!!!!!

    1. It will be so fun planning our garden!!

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