Like An American

I don’t believe your red, white, and blue should be closeted until the fourth of July.  Memorial Day really marks a summer of patriotism to me.  Here are my picks for a very American summer…

Needlepoint flag coasters are a must, both inside your humble abode and outside during barbecues.  Bunting is a darling addition to any facade, but I must admit I love it best on Colonial homes!  Get your guy in a gingham shirt while you can; there is nothing quite so refreshing as those little navy checks.  This dress is chic, understated and casual at once– perfect for anything your summer throws at you!  Patriotic plaid– I love this doggie leash so much I bought it for Simon.  I hated to retire his first leash, but this reminds me so much of that old one, I deemed it a worthy replacement.  Fresh strawberries and blueberries don’t look out of place in this stoneware farmers market basket…perfectly effortless from the fridge to table.  The stripes on this sofa are as bold as summer flavors straight from the grill.  While I don’t watch baseball, I wouldn’t mine donning this sweet Cubs cap for some spontaneous games of catch on future Missouri evenings.

What colors evoke summertime to you?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love the stoneware!!!!!!!

    1. I knew you would!

  2. Super cute picks. I love adding a little patriotism in my life. Especially during summer time!

  3. Love all your picks except for the Cubs hat…..BOO HISS!!! Go Cardinals!!! 😉

    1. I knew someone would give me a hard time for that!! I don’t care. GO CUBBIES! =)

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