Who You Really Are


I love this quote, “It takes courage to grow up and become you who really are.”  Or in this case to dress for who I really am….

I had a revelation last week.  And that was that my move to Alaska really threw me for a loop.  In the beginning (as in, at the start of this blog/married life), I had a great sense of how I wanted to look and what I felt good in.  I had just discovered Lilly Pulitzer, was obsessed with Kate Spade, and had a bit of J.Crew for good measure.  But then I got up here and was in a totally different daily routine; once winter hit, I got all sorts of confused.  I almost reverted to my angsty I’m-not-good-enough-for-classic-slash-pretty-clothes high school ways, which is the opposite of how I feel on the inside.  Somehow there was always a disconnect there.  Anyway, after more attempts of finding clothes and failing, I remembered…I already had this figured out once.

It sounds goofy, but I promise this is the truth!  Now that it is summer again and I feel like we are closer to being home for good than ever before (because we are), I am getting back to rediscovering what I like, what colors work for me, and what I can do without.  And the best part of all of this?  I am finally branching out to find more affordable pieces from brands I’d never considered before…to mix in with my tried and true favorites of course.

Up first is that white skirt I’ve been looking for, and the ultimate classic striped top to go with it.

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  1. love this quote…I feel like I always stumble into it when the universe wants me to. you must be getting so excited (time is really flying for you!) – I can’t blame you for wanting to revisit/reinvent your style a bit.

  2. […] this post, I’ve really been on a spree of good purchases.  I’ve found the iconic striped shirt I […]

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