Simon Says…

simonatthewedding“Photos from the wedding are posting next week!”

This is a face only a mama could love, and boy do I love my fur baby.  Something you may not know about Simon, he is a beggar.  The worst out of all three Malteses!  I blame it on his life on the streets but really it’s probably my fault.  He’s a spoiled chunk and I can’t say no.  This darling little photo is of him begging for ribs from the wedding…talk about dreaming big!  Simon was literally telling Lily, the lovely photographer, that he wanted those plates on the table.  So glad she captured the moment.

It is so bad that at my aunt Tina’s house, for Sunday dinners, he jumps up onto the bench beside me to watch us all eat.  And of course to tell us he wants our rolls, or casserole or better yet…dessert!  Can’t you just see that happening?!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, and I hope to see you back here on Monday for all the pretty pictures. xo



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I love him!!!!!! Clementine comes in a close second in the begging game!!!! And Teddy is the silent contender, he knows he will get something, lets the other two do the begging!!!

  2. SUCH an adorable photo!

  3. LOVE this pic….love him as much as you can.

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