Warby Parker x Architecture for Humanity


When Warby Parker contacted me to blog about their architecture-inspired eyeglass frames, I was whisked away to my college days when I poured over sheets of trace paper, learned the best ways to cut museum board and foam core, and took the occasional field trip to a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece.  Although I didn’t graduate from the field, architecture will always hold a special place in my heart.  And I am thrilled there are organizations in the world– like Architecture for Humanity— dedicated to bringing good design to the most vulnerable of communities.

Architecture can definitely be taken for granted in daily life.  But for those who live with their eyes open, it is an enriching layer that can inspire varying degrees of art and promote a fulfilled sense of wonder.  I personally find inspiration from old architecture, the buildings that line the main street of my hometown and the gorgeous residential gems that maintain their original grandeur.  The truth is however, not everyone has that kind of brick-and-mortar history just beyond their doorstep.  With that in mind, it is apparent creating it in every corner of the globe is that much more crucial.  Great architecture– and the design teams behind it– can provide individuals with a sense of security, purpose and certainly pride.  For communities that have gone without, Architecture for Humanity has helped to establish such places, where children and families can “learn, play, and live.”  Warby Parker honored that spirit with two new frame designs.  A portion of the proceeds from these editions is donated to support Architecture for Humanity’s efforts.

To me, architecture is all about lines, texture, and color.  Those three elements combined thoughtfully can easily up the ante of any design.  The Aslin, both in English Oak and Oak Barrel, remains unfussy in form, but bring an edge into the mix with the use of two materials– acetate paired with titanium.  The Fowler aviator is just plain stunning with the tortoise bridge accent.

Fashion with a greater cause– now that’s something to get behind.

| Warby Parker x Architecture for Humanity |

| Freehand Sketching (image via) | Aslin in English Oak | Fowler (currently sold out) | Compass iPhone Case |

| Moleskine Pen | Pantone Mug | Aslin in Oak Barrel | Petit Trianon Art Print |

** Thank you, Warby Parker, for reaching out to me about your special collection! **



  1. Caseylane · · Reply

    What a perfect exercise for you! Great job:)

    1. Thanks, C. How does it hold up from a real life architecture perspective? =)

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