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weddingblooms8Happy Friday, all!  Yesterday Dallas invited me to help her with a wedding installation at the Hilton Hotel.  The day was absolutely perfect and good thing, because the ceremony was to take place on the sky deck!  The bride’s bouquet was petite and perfect, with dusty miller, light pink peonies and vintage lace around the stems. Dallas filled up her cart with all the centerpiece blooms, and we walked to the venue, a few blocks from the flower shop.  She showed me the gorgeous taper candles her friend makes as well as a handy trick to getting them to stay upright in their candlesticks.  To dress up the glass wall surrounding the deck, Dallas hung groupings of lilac and honeysuckle horizontally at the ceremony site.  It overlooked the coastline…talk about an iconic Alaskan backdrop!

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply


  2. How lovely!

  3. Caseylane · · Reply

    So fun to experience I’m sure

    1. Especially in a different city!

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