Our Summer Solstice


It didn’t quite feel like summer until Sunday, but that didn’t keep Ethan and me from celebrating the weekend…

Friday, after coming home much earlier than usual, my darling husband took me bowling where we scored pathetically but had lots of laughs about it.  And in an attempt to make me feel better about my less than 100 points, Ethan tossed his last bowl into the gutter and proclaimed the game a tie.  We celebrated with burgers and fries and a movie at home, while the first thunder I’ve ever heard in Alaska rolled overhead.

We woke up to rain on Saturday, and I suspected solstice activities might have been washed out.  But we ran our errands anyway, me to the post office while Ethan got his fade trimmed up at the barbershop.  Then we set out for the daunting task of picking out new frames for me.  I’ve been plagued with more headaches than usual lately and decided it was time to get my prescription checked.  A new pair of glasses would be most appropriate, right?  Though there were a few that I liked, nothing jumped out and grabbed either of us, so we left in search of good food to cheer us up on the unbelievably gloomy day.  We ended up at the Irish pub downtown that I’d never been to, where the waiting was slow but the people-watching was tops.  As I munched into a halibut fillet sandwich and Ethan his corned beef, we caught glimpses of the soccer championship footage, but it didn’t occur to us to pay closer attention.  With our bellies full, we strolled back to the car, a few raindrops gracing our heads.  We returned home to a happy Simon, and after realizing I had nothing else on my to-do list for the day, I curled up on the couch with a blanket and took a much-needed nap.  Three hours later I finally stirred and spent the rest of the evening watching Pixar movies on TV and browsing Pinterest for inspiration.  I stumbled on this leafy facade…isn’t it dreamy?

Sunday I tackled grocery shopping solo while Ethan slept in.  The sun was bright and intense all day, making me feel a bit overdressed in my jeans and hoodie.  After a trip back to the post office and a run to Michaels, I sat down surrounded by my new threads to officially begin the latest phase of my needlepoint stocking.  With a dinner break squeezed somewhere in the evening, followed by cocktails and a movie, I fashioned the major vertical lines of my design.  I only quit when the light in the living room faded into a sort of sunset.  I cannot wait to continue the needlepoint today!

What were you up to this summer solstice?

| image via | my Pinterest |


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Have a good week!!!!

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