Monthly Archives: June 2014

NO. 3 Playlist

Hi friends.  I hope you enjoy listening to my playlists as much I enjoy making them!  Here’s one that will hopefully get you to Friday in one piece.  Listen here on Spotify.  Check out my previous playlists here and here.

The Inner Artist

I know I have many projects, some that I work on continuously, like writing to hopefully one day be published, and those needlepoint stockings that I’m trying to methodical about.  But lately I can’t shake the itch to start painting again. When I painted in high school, I did all kinds of crazy things.  Things I […]

Warby Parker x Architecture for Humanity

When Warby Parker contacted me to blog about their architecture-inspired eyeglass frames, I was whisked away to my college days when I poured over sheets of trace paper, learned the best ways to cut museum board and foam core, and took the occasional field trip to a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece.  Although I didn’t graduate […]