Craving the Classics



Since this post, I’ve really been on a spree of good purchases.  I’ve found the iconic striped shirt I feel comfortable wearing (not all horizontal stripes do that for me) and black cigarette pants that hit just above my ankles in a good way.  And I’ve bookmarked lots of other classic, including these…

This colorblock scarf is really alluring, both because it is colorful cashmere and generous in size.  I’ve been committed to stud earrings ever since I got glasses, but a classic hoop has begun floating around in my mind.  What is your opinion on glasses & earrings combo?  Just in time for the fourth of July– a needlepoint American flag baseball cap in the prettiest hydrangea blue color.  On the days it is not sunny here (aka one big puddle), I pine for these short bean boots for walking Simon.  In classic Dana fashion, paper products are always welcome…these striped notepads will keep me sane as I strive for writing in straight lines.  Although I have a zip-top tote already, I am craving one both Ethan and I can use with our shared monogram…and I’d like it all in black!  Who better to take classic style inspiration from than Miss Holly Golightly herself?  I admit I haven’t read the novel of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but think this summer is the perfect time to change that.  This trench coat is everything I want and more.

What classics have made it onto your wish-list this summer?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love the boots!!!!!

    1. Me too! I feel like they would be great for camping as well =)

  2. I’m such a sucker for a classic–and they’ll never go out of style! I hope you snagged a copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s–the novel really surprised me in such a wonderful way.

    1. I will soon; I want one that’s been pre-loved. I’m really glad to hear you liked it =)

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