Design Inspiration

designinspirationThese are just some of the rooms that are directly influencing my daydreams of our future forever home (the others belong to Hanna Seabrook via her Instagram).  Although we don’t have any available real estate prospects, I have a certain kind of house in mind that would wear these ideas well.  Here’s hoping in the coming months my dreams will become a reality.

| Melissa Ervin | Katie Rodgers | Bailey McCarthy | Leta Austin Foster | Julia Reed | Tod Hunter Earle |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply


    1. Glad you think so!

  2. Kclane · · Reply

    That picture over the window made me giggle

    1. Good idea to give personality and up privacy, right?

  3. jilldawnw · · Reply

    These pictures remind me of my parents house in gordonville. Well, what we tried to restore it too, after the previous owner gutted it, removing nearly everything that actually went with the period of the house! Although their new cabin is gorgeous, I really miss the old house. .. (maybe because I was the one who found and chose it!)

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