Day Look, Writer

day look, writerFor me, writing has become another form of lounging; as I don’t have a desk, I frequently lay on the couch or propped up in bed with my laptop.  Sadly, my wardrobe often reflects it.  But that doesn’t keep me from fantasizing about a classic casual look to don when I need to up my productivity…

In other news, I successfully ordered a new pair of frames!  My desire for new specs came somewhat out of the blue, around the same time that I decided to return to classic/preppy/timeless style (once and for all!).  I knew then that my current frames wouldn’t work.  While I didn’t want to limit myself with the blue Lilly’s I wore to death, I liked their shape the best out of all of the glasses I have ever worn.  So Ethan and I headed over to LensCrafters on Saturday, and after some hemming and hawing, I gave in to the only pair Ethan liked…a pair not too dissimilar to the ones pictured above.  I scored a great deal on both my frames and lenses (a deal an online hipster shop couldn’t give me); that makes quite a difference for a prism gal like myself.  I’ll be getting them in seven to ten days (ish) and I’ll be sure to share them with you when I do!  Pretty exciting stuff.

| Paisley Stem Scarf | Burberry Eyeglasses | Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater |

The Summer Jean | The House at the End of Hope Street | TEN High Panty |

Days of the Week Clips |  Olivetti College Vintage Typewriter |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love the red typewriter!!!!

    1. Oh me too. I hope to have one someday!!! Maybe in my writing cottage…hehe.

  2. jilldawnw · · Reply

    I was just positive that you didn’t post undergarments, but I thought maybe they were swimsuit bottoms. .. Nope! LOL! If I spent that much on simple black panties, my husband would have a heart attack! Ha! He still thought it was crazy to buy individual pairs, until I purchased several of the kind wrapped in plastic. He’s never said a word since. 😉

  3. […] my closet would be set for life.  For now, the heather dusk is speaking to me (see the camel one here).  More camel is my motto right now…I like this less expensive option from Madewell.  To […]

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