Needlepoint Progress


needlepointprogress2I’ve been glued to my stocking for three weeks now, and this is what I have to show for it.  I’m extremely excited for the progress I’ve made, the area I’ve covered and the pieces I still have yet to finish.  To see my little sketch and painting come to life like this is so rewarding, and I’m still looking forward to the stockings I promised my family (that’s a good sign, right?).  Up next is filling in the rest of the background, and then I’m treating myself to starting the picture inside the gold oval.  I’m saving the name area for last simply because I have to rework my guidelines a bit with paint before I start.

What do you think?  Worthy of our future fireplace mantel?




  1. What an amazing project–you’re tempting me to start my own needlepoint stockings!

    1. It is addicting! I’ve very happy with it so far.

  2. Kclane · · Reply

    Definitely worthy but holy cow that’s a lot of work!!

    1. I’m up for the challenge =)

  3. Wow so beautiful! I love to needlepoint! Everyone in our family has a needlepoint christmass stocking and they are such beautiful elements to our decorations. My great-grandmother made my stocking for me when I was young and it is now such a great item to always remember her by!
    Your drawing/painting is so beautiful, I love designing my own patterns but I have never designed my own stocking. About two years back I painted my own canvas for a brick covering as a door stop. Enjoy working on the rest of the project!
    xo Nan ~ Simply Elegant Blog

    1. Thank you so much, Nan! Have you ever posted those stockings on your blog? I’d love to see them! I definitely want the ones I make to be heirloom quality, so I am trying to make each and every stitch my best. Thank you for commenting, I love knowing I’m not the only crazy twenty-something spending my time with needle and thread =)

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