Shore Thing


We are mid-way through July and I’ve craving the coastline.  Not the way I’ve experienced it here in Alaska, but one with sand to dig my toes into and waves that crash onto the shore…

Classic swim trunks for your guy…affordable and unfussy.  To add to the ambience of a seaside cottage, a perfectly on-point candle would do just fine for cozy nights.  Although this sale has ended, Hudson’s Bay pillows are looking so right– modern, vintage and preppy all at once.  This easel has made it onto my Christmas wish-list already…doesn’t the look of it just make you want to paint?  This sea turtle shell is made of resin; it would fit in swimmingly with driftwood art in my make-believe summer home.  A braided rope belt you could easily share with the boys…it fits the laid-back lifestyle the beach evokes to me.  These may be my new favorite shoe find by Sperry Topsider; I may have to take the plunge and purchase them before Labor Day.  Summer salads are a must…what better way to toss them with some standout utensils?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I can see you painting at the easel!!!

    1. I hope to be able to in our future home!

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