I’ve Been…

ivebeengridPouring over Meg Braff wallpaper.  Especially this trellis pattern.  I’ve not sure what our future dream home will be like palette-wise, but it is definitely speaking to me.

Obsessing over The Grand Budapest Hotel birthday party.  Ever since we saw this scene in theaters, I have remembered the paper garlands and balloons with fondness.  Isn’t it what birthday dreams are made of?

Getting my weekly dose of flowers.  I had the day off yesterday from the flower shop and decided to look to Floret Flower Farm for inspiration.  They are just about the coolest, and their arrangements take my breath away.  Dallas is going to a workshop there later this year, and I am so excited for her!!

Debating new “old” houses.  Connor Homes is one of my very favorite companies out today for the home industry.  They recreate historic plans to suit modern families’ needs.  Though the cost per square foot to build is out of our price range, their projects sure are fun to drool over look at (The Hannah Grady is pictured above).  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Is building a new old house cheating?

Playing around with paint.  The new Ralph Lauren Paint website went live recently and I’ve found myself going to it to browse their selection.  Not only are their lifestyle collections fun, but their color finder can be narrowed by color family, tone and rooms they would look great in so you can find just the right one.

Loving Emily’s new built-in.  I love built-ins in general.  Although this bookcase design isn’t something I’d want in my own home, I love how it works for the space and her needs.  And I love love love it in white.

Scheduling time for Bogart and Bacall.  Dark Passage is one of my favorite black and white movies.  My mom sent it to me in a recent package, so I’m planning on carving out some time this weekend to watch it (image via).

Craving fall clothing.  Fall doesn’t feel far off when we have overcast days in the low sixties here in AK.  I’m glad Madewell posted this new lookbook for transitioning from one season to the next.  I hope other brands do the same in the coming weeks!

Marveling at this Instagram.  I don’t know how Kiel and Sarah do half the editing they do, but this photo reminds me of Julie Blackmon.  I’m sort of jealous about it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. thanks for sharing, great links!

  2. caseylane · · Reply

    awesome list lady!
    i had the hardest time with paint for our house…i found house beautiful’s paint descriptions most helpful to get started. every room has its own unique lighting so it was challenging. it was good to live in the house and see what color it wanted to be 🙂

    happy weekending!

    1. That’s exactly what I plan on doing. Letting the room dictate my design choices. It’s just so difficult…I’m anticipating it all too much!

  3. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Happy weekend!!!!!

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