Farmhouse Dreaming

farmhousedreaminMaybe my Thursday marathons of Fixer Upper are to blame or the fact that a gorgeous property in the outskirts of CG just went up for sale, but lately I’m craving nothing more than a piece of land with a historic little house, stocked pond and chickens roaming in the yard.

| magnolia candle | claudia williams painting | tire swing | turtleneck |

| heirloom blanket | wooden utensils | barbour jacket | bread box |



  1. mmmm…this whole assortment feels like fall to me.

    1. Yeeeess. I miss a good fall!!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I agree with Rox, think fall!!!!

    1. I’d love to sport a fall look for camping in September!!

  3. caseylane · · Reply

    want that candle! i’ve been impulsively buying candles for weeks now. they get me every time. annnnnnd magnolia? i’ve lost all control tee hee

    1. I’d love to get a whiff of it!

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