A New House Prospect (Sort Of)

newprospect1Ever since this post, I’ve been scrambling through various real estate websites to find a new prospect for our future home, if only to ease my anxiety and not necessarily be the house we buy.  Think a transitional period.  I’ve been soaking up my usual design inspirations, but last week something clicked in my head.

A house I had previously seen (and vetoed) could be a contender.

The house I’m talking about is everything my dad loves in a home and almost everything I thought I didn’t want.  A 60s ranch with original everything, small bedrooms, and tons of storage in the basement.  What’s wrong with that you say?  I’m on a major Colonial kick lately, and this house doesn’t fit that mold.  When my parents and I toured it, I was less than impressed…the only thing I actually loved was the front door (like the ones above).  It wasn’t until the episode nine rerun of Fixer Upper that I came to terms with the fact that a ranch wouldn’t be allll bad.  As I began a new search of one-story homes in the Cape Girardeau area, this particular house popped into my head, and I had to give it a second look.

Upon that viewing, I realized it had a ton of space, with a long front porch, a screen-in off the back, and a family room with a second fireplace off the kitchen.  More space than we could afford to build right now, which has been a possibility floating in my head ever since we started the conversation of our dream home.  Though it isn’t a farm, there is length for Ethan to shoot his bow and a sunny patch of yard for a future garden.  And the best part of all?  I could treat the rooms similarly to Mary Carol’s lake house because the good bones are already there.  Having a “Nell Hill’s house” is a priority!

newprospect2Lastly, and oddly enough, it fulfills my quirky house requirement list.

Although it sounds all good and dandy in writing, I feel in my heart of hearts that what I really want is the traditional Colonial Revival, be it a true two-story, Cape Cod or Dutchie.  It would be risky to settle on a house and still pine in future years over a house style I love more, don’t you think?

In all honesty, this idea continues to shift in its appeal depending on the day.  If I’m still tossing it around in my head when we are home in a month, maybe Ethan and I will go take another look.  Regardless of the outcome, I suppose it is good to continually hone my house ideas, both what I want for the interior and exterior.

How important is a house’s style for you when searching for a home?

Is how it looks on the outside as important as the living space inside?

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t wait to help you look for a house !!!!!!

    1. Oh I hope I hope our dream house gets listed before October!

  2. caseylane · · Reply

    a forever house doesn’t have to be forever…after all time changes all things, even your preferences. perhaps you could say forever for now 🙂

    1. Forever for now is a good way of putting it…though Ethan never wants to move again in his life!!

      1. caseylane · ·

        aw heck, that’s what movers are for right?! lol….plus i’m sure moves around the home parts are much more tolerable than ones 1000’s of miles away. i’m sure you can persuade him if necessary love.

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