Friday’s Blooms

FridayBlooms1The summer feels like it is winding down, don’t you agree?  I wonder what my year will look like after my internship comes to a close; I fear it will not be as sweet-smelling or colorful!  Yesterday was a mellow day at the shop.  I got to make three chalkboard signs for Dallas’ festival booth she is hosting Saturday in Anchorage.  Also, I put together lots of boxes for future deliveries.  We chatted a little bit about the business and wholesale flowers.  By the drive home, I was dreaming of having a garden of my own and a stand at the CG farmer’s market to sell wildly romantic arrangements at.  Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?

FridayBlooms2| love the look of the dark leaves in this arrangement |


FridayBlooms4| sweet pea season |

FridayBlooms5| peonies, peonies |

FridayBlooms6| the making of a mini |

FridayBlooms7| my arrangement for the week |

FridayBlooms8| another view: my Sarah Bernhardt peony, sweet peas, & snapdragons |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So beautiful!!!!

  2. So many beautiful blooms!

    1. It has been such a treat to work at the flower shop every week this summer =)

  3. Your take home bouquet is fabulous! I love the idea of your farmer’s market stand!!!!

    1. Thank you! I’m pretty proud of it. And I think the booth would be a perfect compromise for my love of arranging but dislike of all the boring business jazz that usually comes with it.

  4. caseylane · · Reply

    i love the making shot – so architectural!

    1. Maybe this week I’ll try it for a larger arrangement!

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