Dahlias for Days

dahliasfordays1Flowers are good for your health.  Yesterday was proof of that!  The stormy skies that hung ominously over Anchorage all day couldn’t dampen my mood after seeing these brilliantly colored dahlias, with their interesting ombre petals and big-as-your-head sizes.  Of course there were some sweet and petite moments happening too, like the little flower above that resembled a sherbet sweet pea.  For the better part of my photo-taking time, I observed this darling lady bug as she crawled over Dallas’ blooms.  Can you believe she picked them just that morning at a dahlia farm near Hatcher’s Pass?  Incredible.  I hadn’t seen a lady in such a long time; it was a lovely reminder of the garden I hope to one day have…and the little creatures that will call it home!


dahliasfordays3The majority of the day was spent creating junior bridesmaids’ bouquets for an upcoming wedding. The bride requested dahlias and peonies, and of course they were in the most gorgeous hues.  The little girls (with adorable names) who get to carry these for the ceremony range in age from four to twelve.  Sweet peas seemed the perfect base for this dahlia we positioned front and center in each arrangement.  It was a wonderful lesson in bouquet making, especially because of its unique size.  I made this one.


dahliasfordays5These are the flowers that make up my take-home this week, a perfect example of quality overruling quantity.  I started with a base of greens, though not as many as I usually use.  The dahlia was positioned perfectly for the head to sit on the rim of the large mason jar, and that really became both the starting and focal points.  From there I placed the peony beside the dahlia, obviously second best in the arrangement.  I added the snapdragon for some height, and the curve of the stem really informed my decision of where to place the stock.  From there I popped in the sweet peas and added the yellow filler behind everything.  I kept thinking that it felt like a backyard garden bouquet, easy and casual but no less beautiful.  Twine wrapped around the glass was the finishing touch.  Ta-da!




  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!! The Dahlia brings back memories of my mom’s flowers in Chicago!!!!

  2. How lovely!

    1. It was a beautiful surprise to see these last week, I wasn’t expecting it at all =)

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