Raindrops on Dahlias

raindropsondahlias1| a lemonade colored dahlia to brighten a dreary day |


raindropsondahlias3| foxglove, these speckles remind me of freckles |

raindropsondahlias4| a little cutie for a gentleman |

raindropsondahlias5| a lesson in similarity, try to guess who made which one |

raindropsondahlias6| my take-home for the week |

raindropsondahlias7| a fun plant Dallas foraged |

raindropsondahlias8| brother and sister dahlias in a vessel you’ll see again soon |

raindropsondahlias9| my favorite from the week, had to share it twice |

raindropsondahlias10| salmon & burgundy dahls for an upcoming wedding |


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Those are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

    1. I know, it is such a privilege to play with them every Thursday =)

  2. just beautiful!

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