Off Duty Style

offdutyHappy September!!  My, while seemingly everywhere else is nothing but heat, I can’t seem to stay warm, even with wool socks and sweatshirts.  Some of the trees across the way are sporting yellow leaves already and I only have four more Thursdays at Bloomsbury Blooms.  It seems fitting then that I’m craving these simple layers…

When I’m not aspiring to be all things chic, I want to look like this…casual, timeless, and ready for anything.  Building (and enjoying!) bonfires in the backyard, junking for treasures downtown, padding around the house on any given day.

This is the signet ring I hope to one day have, though I don’t think I’ll be willing to drop the cash on it this year (regardless of it being on my list of goals).  Its square shape would complement my emerald style engagement ring perfectly.  Talk about the loveliest birthstone necklace; when I rekindled my love of red I also found myself wanting to sport my birth month’s gem, the garnet.  This heart is simple, and I love that it can span generations.  J.Crew has a whole slew of new fine jewelry just begging to be bought (and most of it has!); these gold hoops are tasteful and have me wanting to try non-stud earrings again.  Red buffalo check in an affordable price range is hard to come by these days (why is that?).  I missed my chance to buy this option from Gap, unfortunately that means I’m still on the hunt.  In another life I want to live on a horse ranch; for this one, I’ll settle on wearing this sweatshirt.  I found another quilted jacket I like…now for deciding between this one (pictured) and this one.  I’ve posted these sneakers before…but how cute would they look for fall with cuffed white jeans and a camel turtleneck?  These slides are alluring in a strange way to me, especially paired with my summer jeans from Madewell.



  1. Yup, looks perfect to me!

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