When it Feels Like Fall in a Flower Shop

whenitfeelslikefallinaflowershop1| this arrangement screams spring to me, even though dahlias aren’t in season then |

whenitfeelslikefallinaflowershop2| we began the fun task of rearranging the window display |

whenitfeelslikefallinaflowershop3| dahlia heads in dishes were scattered throughout the shop, so delicate that they fell off their stems |

whenitfeelslikefallinaflowershop10| a new organizational system for Dallas’ ribbons |

whenitfeelslikefallinaflowershop4| speaking of ribbon… |


whenitfeelslikefallinaflowershop6| a beautiful 65th birthday arrangement for a client |



whenitfeelslikefallinaflowershop9| white dahlia, red peony, lavender dahlia– all in my take home this week |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Once again, so beautiful!!!!

    1. I’m glad you can enjoy it from afar!

  2. What lovely arrangements!

    1. I think the are even lovelier in person 😉

  3. So much beauty in this post I can barely take it

    1. Wishing you could experience it in person!

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