Banana Feet

bananafeetA little known fact about me: I have extremely high arches.  So extremely high that Ethan has, on occasion, taken a banana to my foot, and the curves match perfectly.

And yes, he calls me banana feet.  It’s one of many pet names.

One time– almost three years ago, now– I had a terrible phantom foot pain. I had x-rays done and saw podiatrists, and the grand conclusion was that I just shouldn’t wear flat shoes (and sometimes I flex my toes subconsciously and stress my feet out).  At the time I was working at BN, and we weren’t allowed to wear sneakers…so I had to present my silly doctor’s note to my boss to let me wear some oh so stylish Saucony’s.

After a day of wearing my riding boots at the flower shop last week, I realized I must still be slowly killing my feet.  Flats, boat shoes, now my boots…all are pretty painful to wear.  And let’s not forget all those years of wearing chucks in high school coming back to haunt me.  !!

Thankfully that fashion sneaker movement hasn’t run its course yet.  Because, believe it or not, I’m going to be joining it for the long haul.  What?!  I cannot believe I just typed that.  I am so anti-sneaker in general.  But I have a vision, folks, and I think I can have to make it work.  I’m planning on ankle grazing pants and classic toppers.  Turtlenecks with blazers.  On-the-go style… I have to justify my new footwear somehow!

Is twenty-five the age where things you thought you were too young for start to catch up with you?  I’m thinking so.

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  1. I think this does actually start happening boo! Earlier than expected for me I’m afraid. I’m sure you will make those sneaks look fab!

    1. I’ve already reconsidered this…I’m going to try some shoe inserts before I resort to sneakers. I hehe

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