The Anchorage Museum

museum1When we found out our official leave date, I realized we had to complete a few items on my goals list earlier than I had planned.  Most importantly visiting the Anchorage Museum downtown.  So yesterday Ethan and I drove into town, stopping first for our last meal ever at Ronnie2.  Of course the lobster roll did not disappoint.


museum3The museum was in a lull between exhibits I particularly wanted to see, so we mostly only saw year-round displays.  My favorite rooms of course were full of beautiful oil landscape paintings.  It is always so humbling to see art in this scale.

museum4Moving onward we discovered many more rooms full of traditional Native Alaskan clothing, tools and recreations of housing. Miniatures depicting scenes of native life were scattered between a stuffed musk ox and bear.  I particularly enjoyed this lively painting by Alvin Eli Amason named Agripina Day, From Two Rainbows.

museum5Right across from Agripina Day was this side-by-side comparison of a Hopi Girl and Princess Leia.  I really enjoyed learning more about this piece.

Though it didn’t take us long to go through the museum, it was fun little getaway from our normal routine.  Crossing #14 off my list…so many more to go!


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