Beautiful Homes

Last week was completely horrible for the real estate market.  Barely any houses went up for sale and none in that slim number were dream homes.  Though we won’t be homeless when we return to CG, I’ve been hardcore looking for over a year now. Nothing has come close to being the one.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, friends.  And that’s why when Cape Girardeau doesn’t have it, I look else where to get my fix.

kingshighway1031 N Kingshighway Street

A one owner home until now, this seemingly one-story home is hiding a staircase inside those chocolate brick walls.  I love how stately yet modest it, the instant curb appeal those pillars supply, and the classical mid-century design.  Situated on a sprawling green lawn, I could see us setting roots here in a big way.

commercial1106 East Commercial Street

Oh Charleston, why must you be an hour away?  Truly the land of beautiful houses, this little town is a slice of the South.  This gorgeous 50s house barely shows its age and sits beside other darling houses beyond a tree-lined sidewalk.  Homes like this in Cape are vastly out of our price range, hence the other appeal of it coming in under 200K mark.  Plus the wood paneled den makes my heart pitter-patter!


105 Williford Road

I could tell you how beautiful this Victorian in Jonesboro, IL is but I’m sure you can’t tear your eyes away from the photo long enough to read this!  Large homes like this deserve big lots, and this gem sits on almost a full acre.  It’s just a shame the houses surrounding it aren’t as stately.

main623 South Main Street

This Dutch Colonial is sublime.  Anna, IL, is one of my favorite cities to drive through.  I gape out my window at the Victorians and farmhouses, though I’ve never seen a dutchie quite like this one with my own eyes.  Completely renovated, all you’d have to do is move in and enjoy it.  The exterior is perfection in and of itself!


280 Charlotte Ann Drive

Darling saltbox, I thought you were older than you are!  It was such a nice surprise to see colonial colors close to home, not to mention hearty moldings and beams.  This is a vision of New England in the Midwest and something I have been considering more and more as the housing market disappoints me.  In other words, this listing gives me hope.


119 North 14th Street

There is this perfect street in my first college town, close to Aggieville, right across from the city park.  This little beauty in Manhattan, KS, would be a dream spot for that cool professor who likes to bike to campus.  Though the inside has been renovated in not my favorite way, I sure do love the exterior.


113 South Prospect Street

And so, I saved the best for last.  My parents, in their search twenty-eightish years ago, considered Galena, IL, as their new home and took my sister there to scope out the town.  I’m not entirely sure why Cape stole their hearts, but wouldn’t it have been something to grow up in an architecturally glorious town such as this?  The pocket doors, the steep stairs leading from the street up to the property, the view from its hillside.  I imagine it would have been wondrous…if you were lucky enough to live in such a primo spot that is!  I would love to take the trek north to just walk the streets and gawk.

A town very dear to my heart that I do not have represented is my darling Golconda where one home really takes the cake over the rest.  It is a true witch’s house, with a turret that vultures like to gather on and a black iron fence enclosing the vast flat yard.  It sits just on the edge of a ledge, overlooking the Ohio River and has proved to be an inspiration since I first laid eyes on it.  Since discovering the home in the 90s, it has been for sale only once that I know of, and oh how I wish I had saved those real estate photos on a floppy disc to cherish forever.

Well, there you have it!  I hope you didn’t mind dreaming along with me today through these lovely homes.  I know there are many many more, I just wish I had the time to find them all.  Here’s hoping some potentials go up for sale this week!  Or else I’ll have to expand my sights even farther away.



  1. oh these images make my heart ache for home. glorious, all of them!!

    1. My heart is aching too! Will you ever return for good, my dear?

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