Four Things

fourthings1So these four things aren’t exactly hot off the press, but I can’t stop thinking about how lovely they are.  First up, Tuckernuck’s fall catalog shot at the Clifton Inn.  I want everything pictured, including a house with two story pillars.  I think their cozy layers are the absolute tops though.

fourthings2This double bun action is classy yet unexpected.  I’m going to try it…sometime soon.  Irrelephant (adore that name) is a great new go-to for hair inspiration, and other things too of course.

fourthings3The last book Dallas lent me was wondrous.  Virginia Woolf’s Garden is a nonfiction piece, intertwining past and present with diary entries, excerpts from letters, and the author’s own experience living as a tenant of the National Trust at the Sussex home and garden.  As an aspiring writer it was interesting to read about Virginia, her anxieties and quirks, and how the garden at Monk’s House had a calming effect on her.  And also how different her and her husband Leonard interacted with said garden.  If only we all were lucky enough to have a writing lodge to escape to, to pour words out onto paper with a view of dahlias, roses, and fish ponds.

fourthings4Fall always captures my heart, and this wedding makes me a twinge jealous that Ethan and I didn’t marry in autumn.  The colorful leaves, the inherently warm palette of reds and rusts and golds, are so much more appealing to me than that of any other season.  This feature is absolute eye candy; thanks to A Crimson Kiss for sharing it!

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  1. Such loveliness–I’m honored to have been included in the things inspiring you lately! Now I’m off to enjoy that Tuckernuck catalog and day dream about a fall getaway…

    1. Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon =)

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