Bloomsbury Blooms

bloomsburybloomsMy, how the past four months have flown by!  My flower internship at Bloomsbury Blooms is finished, as of yesterday, and while I have exciting things in the near future (moving, house hunting, family time) I will miss the bliss of being surrounded by beautiful flowers and getting to learn under Dallas’ supervision.

Having flower creations in our home the entire length of my internship, my ideals (of what floral art should be) have definitely been sculpted and honed.  I always knew I loved the romantic wily bouquets, the trailing arrangements with movement and delicate lines, but getting to participate in the process has been incredible.  I rediscovered my love of roses and experimented with vessel shapes and bouquet making.  I found a few little wonders of Anchorage that I wouldn’t have stumbled onto on my own, and gathered my courage to forage for plant material in my own Alaskan neighborhood.  I gained a friend and colleague.  And certainly I surprised myself at having a knack for arranging that I hope to put to use back home.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me.  Don’t forget you can still find Bloomsbury Blooms on the internet via Facebook, Instagram and Dallas’ website.

Thank you again, Dallas, for taking a chance on me and welcoming me into your flower world.  I will take our conversations and new knowledge with me to Missouri…and hopefully plant your wonderful philosophy into the hearts of others.


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I have truly enjoyed all your pictures!!!!

    1. So happy you have =)

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