Travel Essentials


First off, happy birthday Ethan!  I know this is not how we expected to be spending your 25th, but I promise I will throw you a marvelous party when we get home.  I love you.

Second off, it’s moving day!  Technically, the movers came yesterday.  Today we are meeting up with our landlord for a final run-through, dropping off our car to be shipped (eek!) and retiring to a hotel to veg until our 5 AM flight tomorrow.

2014 has been my biggest year of travel, I think.  I flew to Missouri from Alaska in January, March, and May…and now in October (how is tomorrow October?!).  With so many miles logged, I have figured out what I can pack in my suitcase and what I absolutely need on my person for the 9+ hours travel day.  Having Ethan with me simplifies so much, as we can have an extra personal item in addition to Simonboy.  So nice.

1.  I’m not one of those fancy people with electronics** with airplane mode and clocks that auto-update.  So a trusty watch is necessary for my in-flight tendency of being impatient.  2 & 3.  Chapstick and Purell…as if this is a surprise.  4.  In general I always have my trusty tumbler cup for water, but for traveling it is even more important!  I like the clear body of this Nalgene, so you won’t have any issues at security, and the easy snap top helps when you are short a hand.  5.  Of course the last time I’ll need to use my Nook Simple Touch it goes on the fritz–if I felt like decreasing the volume of my physical library I’d invest in the newer GlowLight model.  The slim design would free up so much space to pack other things in our carry-on.  But it looks like I’ll have a paperback in tow after all.  6.  The best bag I’ve used in all my travels– small enough to stow away under the seat, but large enough for my laptop– is my Boat and Tote.  I have been wanting a black version with our wedding monogram for forever, but we are still using my DGW one.  Oh, and a zip-top is a must!  7.  It was during one of my spring trips that I picked up my first Southern Living, and from that point on, I’ve been hooked!  So happy to take along the latest issue tomorrow.  8.  I suffer from cold feet every time I fly.  Comfy moccasins with faux fur lining would surely remedy this.  9.  Scarves are perfect for chills as well as dressing up an otherwise practical travel outfit.  This tartan one is so pretty, I understand why it sold out so quickly!  10.  And throughout all of those very essential essentials, let’s not forget Simon.  Him flying in-cabin with us is such a stress-reliever.  But if my feet are any indication, it can get cool on floor level.  A blanket or this little jacket would cozy him right up, don’t you think?

For fun, here is my post dedicated to Simon’s and my very first flight up to Alaska twenty-eight months ago!  Can you believe our time here is already ending?

**After writing this post, my phone’s second replacement charger died for real.  I took it as a sign to finally join the smartphone movement.  While I’ve only had it a few days, my brand spankin’ new iPhone 6 has been so fun– especially Instagram!  Follow me here: @danagmcdowell


  1. awww little Simon is quite the jet setter. How does he do it? I feel like Lola would be an anxious mess and cry (scream) the entire flight. So excited for you guys to finally be going home!

    1. He’s a little trooper, that’s for sure. Though he is not taking the transition of having zero furniture in the apartment so well.

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    You will be home sooooooooon!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to have you guys here for good!!!!!!

    1. I can’t believe it!!!

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