Warm and Cozy


Greetings from Missouri!  It has been a crazy week since we flew from Alaska to home for the very last time.  We are settled into our rental, picked up Dante from Ethan’s dad’s house, and are even having a little barbecue with friends tonight.  Though the temperatures are much warmer here than in the Last Frontier (check out this photo Dallas took just days after we left!), I am dreaming of wrapping myself in all my favorite fall things: blankets, flannel and leather.  As the season changes, I know I will be infusing many more textures and depth into our lives…not to mention a few new scents!

Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram now that I have my new phone.  P.S. fellow iPhoners, what case do you recommend?

resin chain necklace | Tibetan Sandalwood candle | kelly green throw

heritage chamois flannel sheets in plaid | iPhone 6 leather case

 monogrammed needlepoint key fob | chestnut ballet flats

buffalo check flannel shirt | Sibella settee



  1. How is simon doing with a new sibling?? My mom has that same leather case and she loves it. Only thing is I think in time it may be hard to keep clean because of the light color. I always just go with a clear plastic because I like the way the phone itself looks and would rather you saw it.

    1. Simon and Dante are slowly adjusting. Some days they ignore each other completely and others…its going to be interesting. Most of our issues are when Dante thinks the food we are eating is for him and he gets territorial. We are working on it though. Thanks for the case tips! I think I am going to go for the most protective case on the market. What that is though I’m not sure yet!

  2. caseylane · · Reply

    Hi D!
    I have a speck case and it has held up nicely, is really grippy and has faced a few drops bravely. Its a little techy looking for my taste, but they come in some fun color combos 🙂

    1. Awesome! I still haven’t decided. Gah. Decisions, decisions.

  3. caseylane · · Reply

    PS i reeeeeealy want that key fob. and the necklace. and the candle.

    1. Ooh…future Christmas present ideas?! I’m all for that =)

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